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Imagine yourself in a dark, underground cellar with goo dripping off the walls, echoic droplets in contagious silence and rats. Then, you hear a strange groaning and dragging footsteps heading towards you from the directionless darkness… and before you know it, IT’S A ZOMBIE ATTACK! BUT INSTEAD OF ZOMBIES, IT’S LADY GAGA LOOK-ALIKES COMING FOR YOUAAAHHHHHH! 

Such was my experience when I visited the book fair this year: lame horror. It began with the first stall where I saw ALL of Chetan Bhagat books published with new covers and subtly incorporated tri colors of our flag and a whole section dedicated to him. It wasn’t even called ‘Indian Writing’, just ‘Chetan Bhagat’. I didn’t let that ruin my fair joy. I swiftly moved to other stalls, only to disappoint myself further. Every stall had the same stupid stacked aplenty. Most disappointing was the stall called ‘Oxford’ which was the highest hoarder of his dying-to-be-Bollywood-scripts. All teens had come to buy exactly those!

Finally, the whole experience soured with a garnish of gay when I came across these:                                                                             
                        Superman was always one sexy step away from being gay. And they finally did it.

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